Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 Cool Movie Recreations in LEGO

1.300 recreation by Keithcku.

2.A Ghostbuster LEGO recreation that features the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man battling it out with the Ghostbusters!

3.What you are looking at is a 5 foot by 10 foot LEGO recreation of the battle at Hoth, from Empire Strikes Back.

4.Inception in Lego.

5.Mike Yoder, a man who loves both LEGO and Aliens made a bunch of LEGO dioramas from scenes in the movie.

6.YT user LegoAgentJones spent 440 painstaking hours creating this amazing stop-motion scene from The Matrix to celebrate "the 10th anniversary of the original movie release."

7.TV blogger and Lego artist, Daniel Brown's newest work pays tribute to the film Brokeback Mountain.

8.Forrest Gump by artist Marco Pece.

9.Honey, I Shrunk the Legos.

10.Silence of the Lambs by Flickr user odchaz

11.John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween.

12.LEGO recreation of the scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Funniest Misspelled Billboards

1.Nice apostrophe!

2.No exceptions, not even for me!

3.Alcoholic dyslexia.

4.What a difference a letter makes, huh?

5.embarrassing misspelling in gazillion-point type.

6."Boynton" was spelled incorrectly. Twice.

7.This is a huge end cap ad for Seagate. Seriously.

8.Someone misspelled tattoos on an unintentionally gay billboard.
Double woops or double win?

9.The sign person misspelled Charlie!

10.Do they also do pestilences? Or maybe just plaques?

11.Let alone small enough so that nobody who even has PARTIAL sight can see it, they misspelled Stevie Wonder's name!

12.Bye-bye car!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 Cool Dog Houses

1.Celebrity Brick Estate Dog House

2.Celebrity Hacienda Dog House

3.Dog House with a deck and pool

4.Magis Dog House

5.Modern Dog House

6.Paris Hilton's Dog Mansion

7.Luxury Caravan Dog House

8.Duplex Dog House

9.Farm Dog House

10.Dog is a God by Marco Morosini

Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 Weird Incidents Caught by X-rays

1.Pepsi bottle lodged in a man’s lower instestine

2.A rather unfortunate nailgun accident.

3.The man who survived being stabbed in the brain

4.Scissors left in woman after surgery

5.The American toddler who got a set of car keys lodged in his brain … and recovered unscathed

6.Man accidentally swallows a pair of scissors while laughing

7.The woman who swallows an entire canteen of cutlery

8.X-ray reveals rubber duck inside terrier 18 months on

9.The man who tried to steal a £1,750 engagement ring by swallowing

10.Miracle as boy survives after arrow shot through his skull

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bizarre Self Potrait Manipulation Photos